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Mowers Galore revolutionises the traditional view of power equipment servicing. In the old days most people persist with a dodgy mower or a hard to start brushcutter and make mowing the lawn a chore. Once their machine finally gave up the ghost they would have an extremely expensive repair bill. 

Regular servicing & general equipment maintenance is integral to reliability and helping to ensure your power equipment operates as it is intended. With servicing it also allows Mowers Galore technicians to identify any potential problems or worn components before they become major safety concerns or turn into costly repairs and by servicing at a Mowers Galore store we can making your gardening experiences a lot less of a chore and a lot more enjoyable 

 In order to make sure your power equipment runs smoothly and hassle-free between servicing, it is important to carry out regular checks of any 4-Strokes engine oil levels, air filters and blades, etc. For all your servicing requirements, visit your local Mowers Galore located in Hoppers Crossing, Grovedale & North Geelong

Our workforce of technicians, have the depth of knowledge and experience that allows us to have the right mechanic for the job. And by having the latest equipment available, Mowers Galore are able to service all major makes and models of power equipment

Our customers love how fast and easy the service is, how informed and in control they remain, and how professional our technicians and customer service staff are

At our Mowers Galore repair centre we also perform more specialised task as an example the items listed below;

If your business requires equipment to be on call and ready to work then look no further than Mowers Galore. We specialise in commercial maintenance support for products by Toro, Husqvarna, Honda and Greenfield thru out Melbourne and Geelong and we back it up with the industries best parts support. Our onsite mechanics and state of the art workshop and machinery allow the most complex tasks to be carried out. Our commitment to service ensures lowest possible equipment down time.


Our three Mowers Galore Service & Repair centres are located at each of our three stores


One of the main issues we find with outdoor power equipment is fuel, Now that most fuels in Australia have Ethanol it has created issues like hard starting, low power and even engine damage, please take the time to watch the Husqvarna video below, even though it talks a lot about USA products it is still extremely relevent for Australian conditions

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