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Murrary / Rover / Victa V-Belt
Replaces OEM :
Murray : 37x66 037X66 037X66MA
Rover : 037X66MA 037X66
Victa : NR037X66
Deck Size in : 46" Deck Size mm : 1168mm Deck Size cm : 116cm
Width in : 1/2" Width mm : 12.7mm
Length Inside Diameter in : 45" Length Inside Diameter mm : 1143mm
Length Outside Diameter in : 47" Length Outside Diameter mm : 1193mm
Belt Position & Size : Murray Cutter Deck Belt / Secondary Belt / Blade to Blade Belt 1/2" Wide x 47" O.D
Belt Position & Size : Victa Cutter Deck Belt / Secondary Belt / Blade To Blade Belt 1/2" Wide x 47" O.D
Belt Position & Size : Rover Cutter Deck Belt / Secondary Belt / Blade to Blade Belt 1/2" Wide x 47" O.D
Fits : Murray 46" Cut deck cross drive belt on LT & frame ride on lawnmower models 1990 to present including 461000X71A X8A X68A 461004X92A X92B 461005X68A 461007X92A X92B 461008X692A X92A 461018X99A X99B 46102X6A X6B 46103A B 46103X50A X50B X50C X71A X92A 46104X14A X8A X8B X8C X8D 46106X89A X89B 46107X92A 46108X89A 461603X48A 461604X99A 461605X99A 46250X30A X65A 46254X15B 46258X6A 46370X5C 46376X65B 46377X8A 46378X62A X6A X6B 46379A X192A X192B X30A X71A X83A X92A X92B 46380X50A X50B 46400A X50A X5A X65A 46401X30A X6A 46403X199A X30A X8A 46404X21A X6A X89A X8A 46430X31A X6A X89A X8A 46431X92A 46800B 46804A 46900B 46901X192A X92B 46904X192A X92A 46905X30A 46906X199A X99A 46907A 46500X92A 46501X92A 465305X92A X92B 465306X31A X8A X8B 465307X31A 465600X31A X48A X71A X8A 465601X50A X50B 465602X31A X31B X8A X8B X8C X8D 465603X92A X92B 465604X50A 465605X48A X48B 465609X24A 46560X192A X92A 465610X99A 465612X99A X9B 465614X48A 465616X6A X6B 465617A X51A 465618X48A 465619X71A 465620X71A 465621X89A X89A X89B 465622X99A 465624X50A X78A 46567X30A X6A X6B 46568A X6A 46569X6A X6B X6C X71A X71B X82A X92A X9A 46570X6A X6B 465706C 46570X71A X71B 46570X8A X8B X92A 46573X92A 465X92A 46562X8A X8B.

Fits : Rover 46" Cut Clipper model 7800569 as secondary cutter deck belt / blade to blade belt
Fits : Victa 46" Cut Noma 4616HX model cutter deck belt

Brand : Murray - Non Rover - Non Victa - Non
Product Line : V-Belt Cutter belt Deck belt Cutter deck belt Cutter Drive belt blade belt
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