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GA 250ml Chamber Pack of Fuel Stabilizer
Features : GA 250ml Chamber Pack of Fuel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated additive designed for the treatment of both Unleaded or Diesel Fuel For Unleaded Fuel use 10ml to 5 Litres of fuel For Diesel Fuel use 250ml to 500 Litres of Fuel GA Fuel Stabilizer will not affect seals hoses and fittings within the fuel system Regular use will eliminate problems associated with condensation and prevent further biological growth from occurring This will give rise to
? Improved Fuel Economy
? Eliminates fuel varnish in carburettors
? Smoother acceleration
? Improved power
? Improved fuel flow especially through filters and injectors
This one treatment provides a solution for the elimination and control of bacteria fungi and water contamination in diesel as well as preserving the unleaded petrol from degradation Meets or exceeds the requirements of DG Compliance Unleaded Fuel : Stabilizes unleaded petrol and eliminates fuel varnish removes trace water from the tank allowing it to be simply burnt off in the combustion chamber during normal use Diesel Fuel : Utilising the latest in microbiological controls and surface active agents water and biological contamination is harmlessly dissolved and dispersed into the fuel and subsequently burnt off Bacteria and fungi such as the common air borne spore Cladisporium Resinae appear as dark sludge like particles in the fuel reservoir Unlike the many biocide treatments on the market that are only designed to kill bacteria not remove and are of no use in removing water GA fuel stabilizer will remove the entire problem Australian Made
Box Quantity : 14

Brand : GA
Product Line : fuel diesel

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