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Greenfield Chippers Piecemaker

The superior chipper shredder turns fresh prunings, fronds, small branches, organic garden and kitchen refuse, manure wet or dry and paper into valuable mulch (please ensure waste is moist). The Piecemaker is a no flail shredder so there is nothing for vines, stringy bark or palm frond cords to tangle around.

Large no rust zinc coated hopper to accommodate garden material up to 20mm with foliage

Substantial drive boss is securely locked to a hug 35mm sealed ball bearing which supports the crankshaft right down at the cutter disc

Independent 60mm branch chute feeds directly on to the high speed outer edge of the cutter disc

No belts to stretch or break from clutching

Choice of Briggs & Stratton,and Kohler Industrial/Commercial engines.

The chipper blades are special tough, high carbon steel. The blades are double edged reversible. These can be turned over or resharpened many times.

Chipper disc is of a special semi high tensile steel and carefully balanced. It won't rust or crack with normal use.

Chassis. All steel and rigid with a heavy powder coat finish. Metal parts are chrome or zinc plated.

Mulch Catcher. A standard Greenfield lawnmower bag catcher is fitted. It is unaffected by the high speed delivery of the material and catches everything. It makes the handling of the garden mulch clean and easy.

Five year warranty against faulty workmanship and material for domestic use in recommended conditions.


Hansa Chippers

Hansa Chippers are high-performance and built tough to suit your domestic and commercial needs.

Each chipper features:

Hansa Chippers turn prunings, dropped branches, palm fronds, leaves, bark, paper, cardboard, hay, dried manure and kitchen waste into valuable mulch for your garden.

We have five different chippers:

  1. The Hansa C4 handles branches up to 40mm in diameter and is designed for the suburban back yard.

  2. The Hansa C7 handles branches up to 65mm in diameter and can be moved around your property by hand (it has pneumatic tyres) or with a drawbar.

  3. The Hansa C13 handles branches up to 90mm in diameter and comes in four versions – standard, standard with a drawbar for on property use, mounted on a road trailer, or the PTO model which is powered by your tractor.

  4. The Hansa C16 handles branches up to 110mm in diamter and is road towable, has a high 360 discharge churte and is powered by a 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine

  5. The Hansa C21 handles branches up to 130mm in diameter and is powered by a 21hp Honda Electric Start engine and features a 360° rotating discharge chute.

Chip or process your unwanted garden waste into beautiful mulch to use on your garden beds, under trees and as lush compost. Reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, water less and improve the health of your soil and plants.

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By Scott McAlary Mowers Galore 

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