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For over two decades, Greenworks has remained at the forefront of battery innovation, with a deep-rooted commitment to pioneering cutting-edge battery technology. From its inception, innovative battery solutions have been ingrained in their DNA. Throughout their impressive 20-year history, they have consistently achieved significant milestones, set numerous industry trends, and relentlessly pushed the boundaries of what cordless products can accomplish. Greenworks continues to redefine the possibilities of battery-powered equipment, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability in outdoor power tools. 

They are pushing the boundaries of battery technology, all while simplifying the process of ensuring you have batteries available at all times, regardless of your location. Their focus goes beyond offering batteries with extended runtimes; they are pioneering charging capabilities and revolutionizing the market with the fastest charging solutions available. From superchargers to mobile charging units and beyond, they empower you with unparalleled power and convenience.

Harness the immense power of our advanced 82V commercially rated technology to effortlessly tackle even the most demanding outdoor tasks. Whether you're mowing expansive lawns, clearing debris, or transporting heavy loads, our 82V tools deliver unmatched performance, ensuring a pristine landscape with every use. Mowers Galore are proud to be a premier supplier of the entire Greenworks 82V ecosystem, offering expert advice and support on these groundbreaking new products. Shop online or in store at one of Mowers Galores 4 superstores in Geelong, Grovedale, Hoppers Crossing, and Drysdale. Speak to one of our expert staff today and see why Greenworks Commercial 82V will help you get the job done.



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