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If you're looking for a quality Logsplitter or Chipper, then RedGum Products provides the product for you. RedGum Products has supplied over 30,000 Logsplitters and Wood Chippers into the Australian market since 2008! All RedGum-branded products are high performance machines and supported by a wide network of 140+ dealers across Australia. Our dealers are RedGum professionals and can support you with our wide range of products, accessories as well as service and repair of your RedGum machines. RedGum Products utilize the latest innovations in technology to get the job done and also offer you great value for money. Check out our range of splitters online or in-store at mowers galore today.


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Logsplitters provide several benefits in Australia, catering to the needs of homeowners, farmers, and commercial users. Logsplitters significantly reduce manual labor by automating the log-splitting process. This saves time, effort, and physical strain, making it an efficient solution for splitting firewood or timber. Furthermore, logsplitters improve safety by reducing the risks associated with manual log splitting, such as accidents and injuries. With automated systems and safety features, users can split logs with minimal risk and avoid the hazards of using traditional tools like axes and wedges.