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Garden Tools

WOLF Garten tools are the number one garden tool brand in Europe. The Interlocken System is designed with interchangeable handles and a wide variety of tool 'heads' that click together to form one garden tool. This is not only cost effective but also helps save space in your garage or garden shed. Each tool head comes with a hole at the end for easy storage on hooks to keep everything organized.

WOLF Garten tools are all designed with ergonomics in mind. Engineers work to make sure the angles used on the loppers, pruners and tool heads reduce the amount of effort and bending needed so you can rake, prune and plant from a standing position reducing strain on your back and arms. Tool heads are available for a wide variety from rakes, hoes, loppers, soil cultivators and more. WOLF Garten also offers stand alone cutting tools like loppers and pruners. All tools are extremely high quality and come with a fabulous warranty.

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