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Price Policy

At Mowers Galore, our commitment is to provide our valued customers with a pricing experience that reflects transparency and fairness. Our Price Policy is designed to outline our pricing approach, ensuring your confidence and satisfaction when you choose to shop with us.

Competitive and Value-Based Pricing: We are dedicated to offering competitive prices on our extensive range of products. Our team diligently monitors the market to ensure that you receive exceptional value for your purchases.

API-Driven Product Fluctuations: The dynamic nature of modern e-commerce is powered by integrating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to fetch pricing data. Our platform uses APIs to ensure real-time updates on product prices, enabling businesses to remain responsive to market dynamics, competitive pressures, and shifts in supply and demand. While this approach empowers timely pricing adjustments, it's important to note that it can also introduce price fluctuations. These fluctuations, which may occasionally impact consumer decisions, are managed through thoughtful pricing strategies, striking a balance between adaptability and consistency for an enhanced shopping experience. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that due to fortnightly API upgrades, certain products might experience temporary unavailability or become superseded or obselete during those periods, which may result in a product becoming unavailable to order. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to minimizing any inconvenience and optimizing the overall shopping journey.

Clear and Inclusive Pricing: The prices showcased on our website include all applicable taxes and fees. This means the price you see is the final amount you will pay during the checkout process.

Price Accuracy: While we take utmost care to maintain accurate pricing, occasional errors may occur. Should a pricing error be identified on our website, we reserve the right to rectify the price or cancel the order. Rest assured, if such a situation arises, we will promptly inform you and provide the option to proceed with the corrected price or cancel the order.

Dynamic Pricing: Product prices may undergo changes over time due to factors such as supplier costs, fluctuations in exchange rates, and shifts in market dynamics. These alterations might be reflected on our website without advance notice. However, the price applicable to your order will be the one displayed at the time of checkout.

Promotions and Discounts: We periodically offer special promotions, discounts, or coupon codes. These promotions are subject to specific terms and conditions, and their validity is limited. We recommend reviewing the terms of each promotion before finalising your order.

Price Matching: Recognising your desire for the best deals, we aim to provide competitive pricing. If you come across an identical product at a lower price from a competitor, kindly get in touch with our customer support team. We will make every effort to match the price, subject to verification and specific conditions.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We take pride in offering quality products and exceptional service. If you have queries or concerns regarding our pricing or policies, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We are committed to assisting you and ensuring your shopping experience is positive.

By choosing Mowers Galore, you signify your agreement to adhere to our Price Policy. We appreciate your trust in us and eagerly anticipate serving you with excellence.

Effective Date: 11/08/2023