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The Hansa C16 chipper is an ideal machine for garden maintenance contractors smaller arboriculture businesses and larger lifestyle blocks With a maximum capacity of 110mm the C16 chipper is available as a road towable unit with mudguards and multi volt LED lights and duratorque axle suspension

Because of its compact design the machine is relatively light easily manoeuvred and can be operated in areas with restricted space and access.

This disc type chipper is of solid construction with a chipping capacity of up to 100mm diameter branches depending on the type of wood The Chipper will process branch and brushy material wood offcuts and other vegetation material Model C16 has a large inlet chute for feeding in bigger bundles of brushy and twiggy materials vines and larger branches therefore no precutting is necessary The machine has a very efficient self feeding action

This self feeding action is due to the design of the rotor and the blade set-up resulting in a user friendly machine easy on the operator The inertia generated by the large rotor disk creates enough momentum to keep cutting as well as giving the machine enough draught to discharge the mulch up to 8m away or close to the operating area by adjusting the deflector on the outlet chute Having a discharge height of 1.5m makes Model C16 ideal for discharging onto a trailer ute deck or truck eliminating the need for any double handling of mulch.

By pivoting open the outlet chute this allows full access to the inside of the machine This makes changing blades for sharpening simple and requires little effort As with all of the larger Hansa chippers adjustable blades eliminate the need to adjust the anvil after sharpening giving the ability to adjust each blade individually to the anvil for optimal clearance The blades will last anywhere up to 30 hours use before requiring sharpening depending on the type of material being mulched.

Fast self-feeding cutting action
Manual clutch for easy starting
Powered by a quality 16HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-twin 4 stroke petrol engine
Twin belt drive for smooth running and protection against shock load
Large infeed chute allows full branches to flow into the machine No pre-cutting necessary
Rotating outlet chute for 360 discharge at 1.63m with deflector The positive locking system requires no tools
Easy access to the knives and the inside of the housing simply by swinging open the outlet chute
Quality hyperloc powder-coated finish

Mowers Galore has the best range & prices for Hansa Chipper including Hansa C4, Hansa C7, Hansa C13 & Hansa C21 in Melbourne & Geelong

Hansa Chippers are high-performance and built tough to suit your domestic and commercial needs. Each chipper features:

Hansa Chippers are high-performance and built tough to suit your domestic and commercial needs. Each chipper features:

Hansa Chippers turn prunings, dropped branches, palm fronds, leaves, bark, paper, cardboard, hay, dried manure and kitchen waste into valuable mulch for your garden.

We have five different chippers:

  1. The Hansa C4 handles branches up to 40mm in diameter and is designed for the suburban back yard.
  2. The Hansa C7 handles branches up to 65mm in diameter and can be moved around your property by hand (it has pneumatic tyres) or with a drawbar.
  3. The Hansa C13 handles branches up to 90mm in diameter and comes in four versions – standard, standard with a drawbar for on property use, mounted on a road trailer, or the PTO model which is powered by your tractor.
  4. The Hansa C16 handles branches up to 110mm in diamter and is road towable, has a high 360 discharge churte and is powered by a 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
  5. The Hansa C21 handles branches up to 130mm in diameter and is powered by a 21hp Honda Electric Start engine and features a 360° rotating discharge chute.

Chip or process your unwanted garden waste into beautiful mulch to use on your garden beds, under trees and as lush compost. Reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, water less and improve the health of your soil and plants.

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By Scott McAlary Mowers Galore 

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