Condition: New
Price: $1,945.90

Power Rating : 7 kVA
Model Rating 0.8pf @ 50Hz : 7 kVA
Alternator Rating : 7 kVA
Engine Model : Honda GX390
Phase : 1-Phase
Starting System : Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity : 6.5 L
Noise Level @ 7m : 69 dBA
Outlets : Double GPO 15 Amp
Volts : 230 V
Approx Fuel Consumption @ 80% Load : 2.60 L/hr
Operation Hours @ 80% Load : 2.50 hr
Fuel Type : Petrol
Diam : 810 x 550 x 540 mm L x W x H
Weight : 75 kg

This is the popular choice for farmers and builders when an economical and hardworking power source is needed to produce lots of watts e.g small air conditioners and cut-off saws .

Gentech delivers powerful generating and pumping solutions ranging from portable petrol and diesel powered units to hard working heavy-duty gensets, 4-stroke multi-purpose engines and battery chargers. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, Gentech today leads the pack with its unsurpassed reliability, technological innovation. Gentech offers you qualified industry expertise, quality manufacturing, design to the highest standards. Gentech is 100% Australian owned and our products are powered by genuine Honda, Yamaha and Lombardini engine.  

All Gentech generators are fitted with high quality, Italian made NSM Alternators. NSM Alternators have been around since 1963 and are highly reputed within the energy sector for their sturdy design, powerful performance and high quality output. In fact, NSM Alternators boast the cleanest power around. Gentech was the first to introduce clean power with less than 6% Total Harmonic Distortion. This means Gentech generators are the ideal power source when using precision equipment requiring stable frequency and voltage, like products with built-in computer functions and micro-computer controlled appliances.

With Gentech generators you'll get maximum efficiency from electric motors and uninterrupted operation from sensitive appliances, including: power inverters, battery chargers, power tools, televisions and other sensitive equipment. .

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By Scott McAlary Mowers Galore 

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