Ride on mowers

Guide to buying a Ride on Lawn Mower

Buying a ride on mower for the first time is just like buying a car. You wouldn’t just throw your money at the first car you see would you? So why do that with a Ride on mower. Take the time to read over this article to help assist in purchasing the right ride on lawn mower for you!

In general, the larger and more open the grass areas, the more important it is that the machine has a generous cutting width. If the area has lots of obstructions like trees and bushes, it’s more important that the cutting width is small enough for the tractor to move through the tightest passages. Within the Husqvarna Ride on Lawn Mower range range we offer tractors with cutting widths from 30 inch up to 52 inch.

Our Husqvarna,  Greenfield garden tractors enables you to achieve first-class results using the cutting method best suited to your lawn. Choose a Specific Husqvarna model with integrated collector when you want to collect clippings and achieve tidy results. For quick and efficient cutting, choose a side-ejecting tractor.

Things to keep in mind when buying a Ride on Mower.

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