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OREGON 90PX 25ft Roll of Chainsaw Chain
Replaces OEM :
Oregon : 90PX-25R
Carlton : N4C-BL
Stihl : 61PMN
Windsor : 43RG

Chain Number : 90
Pitch : 3/8" Low Profile
Chain / Cutter Type : Chamfer
Gauge : .043"
Grind : Round
Sequence : Standard
Drive Link Count : 412
Rolls : Yes - 25ft
Fits : Selected chainsaws with up to 16" guide bars
Features : Narrow .043? gauge helps reduce the weight of the bar-chain combination approximately 15%
Always install 90PX chains on a .043? gauge Double Guard bar MLE part numbers to obtain all the advantage of the Micro-Lite system
LubriLink is a cavity in the chain tie straps that acts like an oil reservoir This additional lubrication ensures oil remains on the chain bar and chain joints to increase chain and bar life.
Vibe-Ban chain reduces the level of vibration by 25% or more at the handles.
Patented steel is tougher than any of our competitors It cuts every type of timber stands up in any kind of weather and stays together in all cutting conditions.
Lubriwell ensures oil is carried around the entire length of the bar reducing friction during the start-up period - before the saw?s oiling system reaches its peak function Lubriwell also reduces the overall weight of the chain meaning less power is required from the saw?s engine and less effort is required from the operator
Witness Mark Top plate witness mark makes sharpening easier and more accurate as well as easier to achieve equal cutter lengths.
Micro-Lite narrow-kerf cutting systems increase cutting efficiency and require less power from the saw than standard cutting systems

Please Note : Recommended for chainsaws up to 42cc capactity with up to 16" guide bars
Brand : OREGON
Product Line : chainsaw chain saw chain

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