Grinding Disc 145 x 8 x 22.2 mm

ABN Grind Disc 145 x 8 x 222 mm
Condition: New
Price: $528.39

Dinasaw ABN Grinding Wheel 145mm x 8mm x 22.2 mm
Suits 3/4" pitch chainsaw chain.
ABN Grinding wheels are made from a blend of Amber Boron Nitride ABN & Cubic Boron Nitride CBN and are designed for grinding hardened steel standard chainsaw chains .

Features -
ABN wheels will cut faster and cooler than aluminium oxide wheels.
They require no maintenance they do not need to be dressed or deglazed.
They will maintain their profile for the life of the wheel.
ABN grinding wheels are manufactured on CNC equipment ensuring perfect balance and dimensioning.
Australian made.

Tips for correct use -
It is important to treat ABN grinding wheels differently to bonded wheels the wheels can not be forced to grind the operator must allow the wheel to cut on its own.
Excessive force abrupt grinding or worn spindle bearings or flanges will contribute to premature wear.

Please Note : Not designed for use on Tungsten Carbide chain & doing so will destroy the wheel & void warranty

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