BELT V-Belt 69 Series BEL6984 ARAMID CORD

BELT V-Belt 69 Series BEL6996
Condition: New
Price: $78.13

V-Belt 69 Series Premium Quality B Section / 5L
Width in : 5/8" Width mm : 15.9mm
Length Inside Diameter in : 81" Length Inside Diameter mm : 2057mm
Length Outside Diameter in : 84" Length Outside Diameter mm : 2133mm
Fits : Multi-purpose v belt
Features : Our premium quality belts are manufactured with high-strength Aramid fibre cords for heavy duty applications and severe duty cycles These belts have a drier cover fabric that is designed to increase flexibility and withstand severe clutching action bending or twisting heavy loads and backside idler applications.
Aramid Fibre Cord is the family name of nylons that include Kevlar

Brand : Universal
Product Line : V-Belt B Section Belt Drive Belt Aramid Fibre Cord Belt Belts - Premium Quality

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