BELT Kingcat V26 A Section Standard Rating Belt

Condition: New
Price: $25.06

Kingcat / Victa V-Belt
Replaces OEM : Kingcat : V26
Deck Size in : 40"
Deck Size mm : 1016mm
Deck Size cm : 101cm
Width in : 1/2"
Width mm : 12.7mm
Length Inside Diameter in : 108" Length Inside Diameter mm : 2743mm
Length Outside Diameter in : 110" Length Outside Diameter mm : 2794mm
Belt Position & Size : Victa Engine To Hydro Belt 1/2" Wide x 108" I.D
Belt Position & Size : Kingcat Hydro Transmission Belt 1/2" Wide x 108" I.D
Fits : Kingcat KR6901 KR6902 KR6903 KR6905 KR6906 KR6907 KS6904 hydrostatic drive transmission belt
Fits : Kingcat 7300J KR7303 KR7306 KR7307 KR7308 KR7311 models hydrostatic drive transmission belt
Fits : Victa 40" Cut 16hp rear & side discharge models engine to hydro belt

Brand : Kingcat - Non Victa - Non
Product Line : Hydro drive belt hydro belt hydrostatic belt V-Belt Transmission belt Drive belt

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