CLUTCH ELECTRIC PTO MTD Cub Cadet 717-04163 917-04163 Warner 5217-32 5217-43R

WARNER clutch 5217 32suit MTD
Condition: New
Price: $611.23

Electric PTO Clutch Assembly
Replaces OEM :
MTD & Cub Cadet 717-04163 917-04163
Warner : 5217-32 5217-43
Rover : 917-04163A
Inside Diameter in : 1" Inside Diameter mm : 25.4mm
Pulley Diameter in : 6" Pulley Diameter mm : 152mm
Fits : Cub Cadet 42" cut LT1042 13AP11CH630 Hydro 23hp 2005 LT1042 13AX11CG630 Hydro 19hp 2005 LT1042 13AX11CG630 Hydro 19hp 2006 models LT1042 13AX11CG630 Hydro 19hp 2008 LTX1042 13AX91AG330 Hydro 19hp 2009 models
Fits : Cub Cadet 46" cut LT1046 13AP11CH630 Hydro 23hp 2008 models
Fits : Massey Ferguson 96cm 38" cut MF 38-15SD 13AV91CF395 2010 2011 models
Fits : Massey Ferguson 106cm 42" cut MF 42-20SD 13AP91CS395 2010 2011 & 2012 MF42-20SD 13BP91CS395 2012 models
Fits : MTD Yardman 42" cut 13AP604G671 Autodrive 20hp 2006 & 2008 electric PTO models 13AP90YG371 Autodrive 20hp 2009 models 13AV604G371 Autodrive 16hp 2008 models 13AV604G671 Autodrive 16hp 2008 models 13AV604G671 Autodrive 20hp 2006 electric PTO models 13AV90YG371 Autodrive 16hp 2009 models
Fits : MTD Yardman 46" cut 13AP604H671 Autodrive 23hp 2007 model Note : this model used two different clutches please check your clutch carefully before ordering
Fits : Rover Rancher 20/42 Hydrostatic 2010 models and 17/42 Autodrive 2010 models
Features : Manufactured by an OEM supplier Operates in a counterclockwise direction

GA Spares stock?s Warner Clutches which are the industry standard in clutches & used by many OEM?s around the world Electric PTO Clutches are a specialist component that should only be fitted by a servicing dealer with the correct equipment to test both the charging circuits & battery condition over the counter sales of clutches as spare parts should be discouraged
WHY? - The main causes of failures to electric clutches are due to faults with the battery & or charging circuits not providing the correct current to operate the clutch adequately leading to premature failure It is therefore the responsibility of the servicing dealer to test these items prior to installing a new clutch failure to do so will void warranty Warranty covers normal use and does not cover damage or defect which results from alteration accident neglect or improper clutch selection installation operation or maintenance
Warranty covers faulty manufacture & or workmanship
Brand : MTD - Non Cub Cadet - Non Rover - Non Warner
Product Line : Clutch electric

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