Check Spark Engine Ignition Analyser

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CheckSpark Engine Ignition Analyser
Features : CheckSpark safely tests for proper spark shorted or fouled spark plugs and even open or broken spark plug wires.
This engine ignition analyser is a highly accurate diagnostic sensor that uses micro-circuit technology to troubleshoot why your outdoor power equipment or vehicle will not start.
Simply clip connect the CheckSpark tester to the plug wire of the non-running engine and firmly pull the recoil starter or energize the electric starter long enough to turn the engine over several times.
One of three LED's will indicate the engine's electrical condition.
Solid Red - No Spark less than 200 Volts
Red Flashing - Voltage too low 250 to 2 500 Volts
Green Flashing - Spark OK / Plug Firing 3 000 to 13 000 small engine setting / 3 000 to 28 000 Automotive setting
Yellow Flashing - Voltage too high More than 15 000 volts small engine setting / More than 33 000 volts automotive setting
Features & Benefits
Quickly and safely tests for proper spark on most 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines small engines and vehicles with and without electronic CD ignitions.
Eliminates guesswork
Tests : Proper Voltage High Voltage Low Voltage No Voltage
One person - Hands free operation just clip on the spark plug wire and turn the engine over.
Simple and reliable for home shop and professional use
Patented gripper hook
Saves time and money
Simple engine type slide switch - Switches between vehicles or small engines

Brand : CheckSpark
Product Line : Ignition Analyser Spark Tester

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