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WEIBANG Lawn Dethatcher 38cm

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  • Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 750 Series (163cc)
  • Steel Chassis
  • 22 Carbon Steel Swing Tip Tines
  • 40L Catcher
  • 22mm of Adjustment
  • 2 Year Domestic Warranty
  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Twin Belt Drive
Product Description

Key Features
The WB384RB is a robust 38cm Scarifier/Dethatcher featuring 22 double tipped carbon steel blades and a fully adjustable raking depth to remove thatch, moss and weeds and aerate roots gently but effectively whilst oxidising the lawn and ensuring more nutrients penetrate into the soil. A pressed steel body with a hard wearing powder coated finish, and powered by a quality Briggs & Stratton engine, this Scarifier is built to last. A variable height adjustment is fitted so the dethatcher is suitable for all lawn types.

What is Thatch?
Thatch is the dense fibrous layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that accumulates between the green grass and soil surface. If left unchecked, thick thatch can prevent water and nutrients reaching the soil. Lawn can gradually rise in height and roots may end up growing in the thatch layer and not in the soil. Thatch also causes mowing problems as it becomes difficult to push the mower through the lawn, and you will get uneven mowing due to the sponginess and thickness of the thatch

WEIBANG Lawn Dethatcher 38cm